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Belgian Fine Art and Portrait Photographer born in 1961.

Since an early age Edouard Janssens has nurtured a passion for photography, guided by the deep-seated believe that it was destined to rule over his existence. He has never stopped exploring the infinite possibilities of this art form rooted in his love for humankind, a fascination with the feminine ideal, and a more personal interrogation of the meaning of life. A questing after fundamental issues discreetly (and perhaps unwittingly) pierces through the frail mask of appearances again and again in the numerous photographic works by this Belgian artist, be they the inner visions suggested by the human iris in "Windows to the Soul", the mysteries of the infinite as captured in “Stratos-Sphere”, or an exploration of the onward rush of time, solitude, the ephemeral nature of existence, and the eternal dialogue between life and death in “1 to 100 Years” and “Solitude Standing”, or in the impaired images of expired Polaroid films in “Expired Instants”.

Depending upon the project he is working on Edouard Janssens uses analogue or digital, sometimes combining the two. He works mainly in a studio in black and white provided form is sufficient, or else in colour if it can add any useful information.

He is an inveterate creative researcher and solitary dreamer who deliberately courts paradox, combining the qualities of an artist devoted to aesthetics and technical rigour with those of a poetic adventurer perpetually seeking out new challenges and tracking down the stars beyond his reach. An example of this is the photographic expedition he developed and launched in 2011 33 kilometres up above the Earth – where there is not enough air to breathe – based on the ardent and magical union of the winds and a helium-filled latex weather balloon carrying two cameras in a polystyrene basket. The stunning images ("Stratos-Sphere") from this madcap adventure – worthy of a modern-day Jules Verne – present geographical and poetical visions of an intermediary world suspended between human life and the void, between the infinitely small and the dark immensities of the cosmos. These thought-provoking images reveal the fragile state of humanity - as if proof of this were needed - and the humility we should adopt.

Over the course of the years Edouard Janssens has finessed his work on light and built up his mastery of photographic techniques via a range of personal and professional experiences. He started out as a young photographer eager for discovery, before working for many years as a manager in a communication agency, which enabled him to perfect his knowledge of graphic composition, scanning, and the use of powerful digital photography tools, then working in advertising as a project designer for websites and the emerging digital networks in the 1990s.

He became a professional photographer in 2008 and since then his work has been testimony to the artistic talent he has always had within him. Both the art projects he has carried out over recent years and his work as a portraitist enamoured with physical beauty draw on the full battery of his technical skills, and his professional and artistic work alike explores the human individual in his or her intimacy and their relation to the world, hence conveying a subjacent existential enquiry. Intuition and experimental chance also play a key role in his work, with the latter being something he attaches particular importance to.


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